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2006 logo
The MGM2006 logos are now available in digital and printing formats, colour and black and white click here.   Template print will follow in mid-January.

Lining Up for the Welcome Weekend
Scottish Weekend takes shape
Explore your tourism potential
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Lining Up for
the Welcome Weekend
Museum and Gallery directors across the UK are signing up for the "directors' challenge" - welcoming visitors across the doorstep on the first weekend of MGM - Saturday 29 April - Monday 1 May.   Chairs, trustees, council members are also encouraged to join in.   This is for you to show new and returning visitors what your museum or gallery is about - a showcase not just for your collection and activities but also for the people who make it happen.
Virginia Tandy, Director of Manchester City Galleries, and Loyd Grossman, Chairman of National Museums Liverpool, as co-chairs of MGM will lead the doorstep welcome.   Others who plan to join in include Charles Saumarez Smith, Director, National Gallery, Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait Gallery, Julia Peyton Jones, Director, Serpentine Gallery, Alec Coles, Director, Tyne and Wear Museums and many, many more.   Please encourage your director, chair and others to take part and let us know.

Scottish Weekend takes shape
Inspired by the Museums and Galleries Month, Scotland is developing its own campaign and events programme over the weekend of 28 April - 1 May 2006.   Led by the Scottish Museums Council (SMC) and supported by an events working group, museums and galleries are being encouraged to stage a series of exciting and inspiring events to showcase their collections, attract new audiences and increase the number of visitors. For further information about the Scottish campaign, contact Emma Davies at SMC. T: 0131 476 8451.  

Explore your tourism potential
For 2006, we are working Superbreak - Britain's number one short break operator.   They will highlight be highlighting Museums and Galleries Month in their printed material as well as in emails to customers who book a short break in May.   Find out about Superbreak on

We are also working closely with Visitbritain; Ylva French is a member of the new Culture and Heritage Sector Club.   MLA and the Conference of National Museum Directors are also represented.   A new VisitBritain Cultural Tourism Advisory Guide will also be published in mid-November 2005. The Guide will be available in print (please email as well as a PDF document on


museum image of crowd

The Marketing Campaign
Enter events online
Things to do now

Museums and Galleries Month is about building audiences for museums and galleries across the UK.    MGM is for you to join us in taking that leap forward and attracting back some of the visitors who have not been for many years and inviting others over the doorstep for the first time.   We believe that the Welcome Weekend will be a great opportunity to do just that followed by a wide range of events on our theme of "Making Connections".   But it needs a marketing push - people need to be enticed through the doors.  

The marketing campaign
We will be putting together a stronger and more vibrant marketing campaign for Museums and Galleries Month as a whole. As part of our three-year strategy for MGM, we plan to develop partnerships, which will deliver that greater visibility which will help you to grow your audiences.   By January we will be able to tell you about the first steps of this campaign.

In the meantime regional hubs across England are developing MGM campaigns and activities as part of Renaissance in the Regions.   Here the focus will be very much on families, which fits well with MGM's broad audience targets of "new and returning visitors".

All museums, art galleries and heritage attractions in the UK are welcome to take part in Museums and Galleries Month.   There is no fee. Update your details online [click here] to receive our regular Email News as well as printed Newsletter.

Enter your Events online
Inputting your MGM events into the 24 Hour Museum website's listings database has never been easier thanks to a host of changes to its Direct Data Entry system - DDE.   MGM and 24 Hour Museum share the same database. To make things clearer the Help text has been rewritten and is now displayed alongside the different fields on the forms, which in turn have been divided into colour-coded sections to make them easier to use. Hard returns have now been enabled in free text boxes to make larger blocks of text more reader-friendly.    Early birds can start entering MGM events now; they will be marked with the MGM logo. Go to   For more information about using Direct Data Entry to update your institution's 24 Hour Museum entry and event listings, please contact Kristen Bailey, Administrator:

What should you do now?
First of all take part - the more museums and galleries take part, the more impact we can create.   It's for you to choose the level of your participation dependent on your time and resources.  
This is what we want you to do:
• Create a wonderful Welcome Weekend - working with others where appropriate
•Plan new events and activities around our theme "Making Connection"
• Use the MGM2006 logo on your print
• Use our MGM2006 templates (available from January)
•And, please register your events using Direct Data Entry on the 24 Hour Museum

Later we would like you to:
•Promote MGM to local and regional media
• Display MGM print, posters and banners
•Take part in our evaluation of MGM


Focus on Art
Museums at Night
The People's Museum
Making Connections

Focus on Art
As part of Museums and Galleries Month, we are planning an "Art Day" or "Days" focusing on the Realise your Right to art campaign . Museums, artists and art galleries will be invited to work together to introduce contemporary visual arts ideas and practices to mainly adult audiences (there are already many art initiatives aimed specifically at children).  We will be working with VAGA and engage over the next few weeks to take this forward and will announce the details in the next e-news in mid December.  In the meantime, if you have suggestions and ideas, please.

French invitation to join a
Night at the Museum

The second European Museums at Night event will take place on Saturday, 20 May 2006 from sunset until around 1.00 am (please chose your own times). As before, it is open to all museums, big or small, prepared to open their doors on that night and to organise special events to attract their public. The initiative will benefit in 2006 from a partnership with the "International Museum Day" organised by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). This event is coordinated and publicised by the French Ministry for Culture and will also be part of Museums and Galleries Month 2006 in the UK.   In May 2005, several UK museums took part; and one event at the Natural History Museum Oxford was included in the MJ/MGM commendations.   More details in Case histories

Museums can register online www.nuitdesmusees.culture

please also register your event as part of MGM - see below.

The People's Museum
Filming under way
Reef TV has started filming for the BBC series The People's Museum due to be shown on BBC2 Daytime during May.   We are now in discussion with Reef and BBC to link this to Museums and Galleries Month.

The Welcome Weekend will be an excellent opportunity for all those with treasures due to be featured in the 20 programmes to put them on view ideally for the whole of Museums and Galleries Month. The series is due to go on air on Monday 8 May and run for four weeks and the public will be invited to vote for their favourites.   All the objects will be featured in a virtual museum - The People's Museum, hosted on the BBC history website and then on the 24 Hour Museum.   More information from Stephen.Taylorwoodrow

Making connections
We are keen to hear from you how you are planning to interpret the theme for 2006.   Making connections, past, present and future is wide open with opportunities to link to anniversaries as well as to collections.   For a list of 2006 to 2008 anniversaries, please go to the website - check Special dates.

We are planning a series of debates of interest to the museum and art sector, visitors and the media on the theme Making Connections.   How do museums and galleries "make connections" with the past - the present and the future?   These debates will be in London and the theme and format for each debate will be in the next bulletin so that you can set up something similar in your museum or gallery.


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